About VSaaS

Hello, my name is Christopher Berry, and I invented VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) in 2002. I am English and live near Birmingham.

I have been working in security since 1985, mainly on projects for security control rooms for the receipt and processing of signals from burglar alarms and since 1995 CCTV transmission.

For some time I had been frustrated by the way that burglar alarms work. Sensors detect motion or sound (or both) and alert the control room or ring a bell.

We had a burglar alarm, but we couldn't use it. Linda, my wife, did not want to restrict the pets from free roam of the house. I think she also included me in that philosophy, as when we did set the alarm at night, I would very often trigger it.

She would then have to explain to the control room that it was me.

The Police have become equally as disappointed at burglar alarm technology, worldwide 97% of all Police calls to burglar alarms become classified as False.

In 2002 we built VSaaS. Connecting cameras to the internet so that they could send alerts to the control room, we called that technology VerifiedAlarms. Below is a very old cartoon that describes this early system. Image detection technology wasn't as good, so there were many false alarms.

In 2017 we developed HaLO (Halt and Look Once); this uses deep learning to recognise objects automatically; HaLO and the other robots forms the heart of VSaaS.Cloud.

We now arm our system at night and sleep well knowing HaLO is watching.

Of course, we set VSaaS when we are away, the pets no longer trigger false events, and we can select the cameras we want to use when in the garden - for example when we are expecting a delivery, or we just want to keep an eye on the cars.

VSaaS is the best security, take it from me, it works.


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