How it works

VSaaS uses technology developed for high-security applications and automated object detection.

It is called deep learning.

Hundreds of thousands of images are collected and analysed by humans, to teach the computer to learn what it then finds in images. This process enables the machines to process images on their own and detect what it is it is seeing.

It then alerts you through your chosen method.

We call the robot that looks at the CCTV HaLO (Halt and Look Once).

You can use our application, or you can have the computer, (another robot called MOLLY), to alert you to activity in an area you wish to protect.

The process is called cognitive recognition, and it is the same learning you used when growing. You were taught what things were.

You learnt and then started to make your own decisions; this is what HALO and MOLLY have been asked to do.

And don't worry, these are not physical things, just software and this is all they know how to do. Look at images and let you know if all is well.

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